Our name tells you what we do – we aggregate big data and content from public, crowd and private sources and then use machine learning and other advanced techniques to add intelligence to that data and then deliver it in a form that enables our customers to do something meaningful with it. That ‘meaningful’ could mean to make better decisions, to build better models, to provide better insight, or to improve analysis or research.

We answer 1B calls to our APIs every month, we deliver hundred of millions of rows of data and our business intelligence products are used by thousands of business managers across the world to answers questions, analyze trends and visualize data.

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  • Europe

    Zeglarska 11
    04-841 Warsaw, Poland

  • Asia

    COINDIA Complex
    340/342, Avarampalayam Road
    K.R.Puram(po), Ganapathy
    Coimbatore – 641 006