What We Do

Seamless integration of data and BI

Business intelligence is most effective when there is seamless integration of content and form; the right data at the right time and the right tools to interpret and use the intelligence provided by the data. At Aggregate Intelligence, we build vertical market BI solutions around the data – sourcing, combining and enhancing specifically curated data to present a unique solution that solves a problem for our customer.

Our underlying technology infrastructure is a scalable, smart data processing system built to facilitate real-time capture, processing and delivery of data to our customer.

We build and deliver business intelligence solutions in markets such as retail, real estate, self-storage, travel and ecommerce. In our product markets we address different sectors of the market with tailored products; APIs and direct data feeds, custom-built visualization and analytical dashboards, direct-to-inbox daily reports and integrated tools for software partners.


The leader in fully integrated, vertical market BI solutions

Aggregate Intelligence is a platform-agnostic fully integrated BI provider in vertical markets such as travel, retail, real estate and more. Our focus is on the seamless delivery of data intelligence to the user – whether that is in raw data feed form via APIs, in dynamic spreadsheet/platform integrations or in custom-build vertical BI solutions targeting a specific problem for a specific user base.

We are a global company headquartered in Detroit, MI with over 200 staff around the world.

We remain open to hearing about your business intelligence challenge – just reach out and let us know where we can help!

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